Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy is often a stepping stone to other positions available in
the medical field. The development of new diagnostic techniques,
clinical laboratory technology and automated instruments has
greatly increased the volume of laboratory testing. As a result, the
Phlebotomy Technician has emerged with a greater role in
facilitating the specimen collection process and is an integral
member of the clinical
laboratory team.

The main function for this vital laboratory member is to obtain
patients' blood specimens by venipuncture and micro collection
techniques and to facilitate the collection and transportation of other
clinical specimens.

Course Includes:
Anatomy & Physiology
Medical Terminology
Methods of Venipuncture & Dermal Puncture
Use of Vacutainers, Syringes, Butterflies & Lancets
Introduction to Laboratory & Communications
Specimen Processing
Lab Reports
Dipstick Urinalysis
Oral and Written Communications
Interpersonal Relations
Basic Emergency Care/CPR Certification
Basic Emergency Procedures
Proper Lifesaving Techniques
Certification according to the American Heart Association.
OSHA Safety Standards

Provided during training at HMI
Practical experience in real-life medical setting        

Course Length 16 weeks
Extern-ship 120 hours required
Course Schedule
 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
from 6:00pm to 10:00pm  

Tuition $3,695.00
Registration Fee $300.00
Background Check $
Books $85.17
Uniform $64.73
CPR Class $55.00
WSU Anatomy Lab $65.00
TB Skin Test $20.00
Drug screen $20.00
NCCT Exam $90.00
NCCT Test Site Fee $20.00
WA DOH License Fee $115.00

Required Down Payment $499.90
Total Education Cost $4,579.90