Surgical Technologist
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Surgical Technologist Program

Surgical technologists are key members of surgery teams who provide pre-
and post-operative services as well as assistance during actual surgery.

The Surgical Technologist program, also called Surgical Technology at
some campuses, teaches students the fundamentals of anatomy and
physiology, medical terminology, computer applications, and health law and
ethics they need to know for this careers. They are introduced to operating
room environments and receive hands-on training in sterilization techniques
and instrumentation set-up, and learn about surgical instruments and
supplies. Students are also trained in basic surgical skills and laboratory
procedures that support OR functions.
After successfully completing all required course work, students are placed
in unpaid externships.
Surgical tech graduates are eligible for entry-level positions as surgical
technologists, laboratory and delivery technicians, sterile processing
technicians, or as private surgical scrubs.
Surgical Tech Job Description
The Surgical Technologist is essential to the smooth flow of the operating
room. They are responsible for preparing the operating room before
surgery, assisting the doctors during the surgery itself, taking care of the
patient immediately after the operation, then preparing and restocking the
operating room for the next surgery.

The Surgical Tech’s duties can include:
Setting up instruments and equipment
Preparing patients for surgery
Assisting the surgical team with preparations
Passing instruments to doctors during surgery
Assisting in minor surgical tasks
Using diagnostic equipment
Tending to patient after surgery
Resetting and restocking operating room

Provided during training at HMI
Practical experience in real-life medical setting        

Course Length 58 Weeks
Extern-ship 320 hours required
Course Schedule Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
from 6:00pm to 10:00pm  

Surgical Tech. Tuition                          $11,795.00
Registration Fee                     
Surgical Tech. Textbooks            
Medical Terminology Textbook         $94.60
CPR Class                              
TB Skin Test                               
Background Check                    
Drug screen                             
NCCT Certification                   
Test Site Fee                           
WA DOH License                     

TOTAL EDUCATION COST                $12,901.90

Required Down Payment           
(Registration fee, Background, Books, Uniform)

Amount at time of service              
(Drug Screen, MT. Text book, CPR,  TB Test, NCCT Exam, Test Site
Fee, WA DOH)

$332.57(Surgical Tech Textbook) required with down payment.
94.60 (Medical Terminology Textbook due at the start of that class