Horizon Medical Institute has become a leader in post secondary
training for Eastern Washington. With our unique approach to training,
we are able to provide an atmosphere with more effective one on one
and individualized training. Our reputation within the medical
community and the success ratio of our students speaks for itself.
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What the health-care community and our
students are saying about us
Our laboratory has been accepting phlebotomy students from Horizon Medical
Institute for two years. We we have found the phlebotomy students to be well
educated on technique, order of draw, and correct tubes for general laboratory
testing. The phlebotomy students that have been in our laboratory have been
professional in appearance and attitude.

Kate Miller, M.Ed., MT(ASCP)
Laboratory Manager
Physicians Clinic of Spokane
Overall I thought the course was excellent. There was a good mix of theory,
bookwork and hands-on lab experience. I greatly valued the opportunity to
actually poke on live people rather than artificial arms. I also think that
aspect of class really helped us bond. I was greatly impressed with both
instructors. Specifically I was impressed with their ability to alter their role
and demeanor to fit the situation. You both can play the strict, with safety
issues, grades and the interpretation of class policy. Conversely you both
are able to simultaneously be an encouraging, reassuring, exceedingly
patient, instructor in the lab. You demonstrated to us that you always
wanted to learn more and improve the course. It is obvious to us students
that there is no one right and static way of doing things. There is always
room for improvement. Leading by example, you also showed us that the
ability to adapt to a changing work environment (or the needs of individual
students) is necessary for continued success. I applaud your efforts in all
of these regards. The bottom line is that you are dedicated to your students
and their academic and professional success. With my own brief experience
as an educator I am convinced that level of dedication is rare and yet it is
the key to being an excellent teacher. I look forward to seeing you in the
coming weeks during our clinical. Thank you for everything you've done for
me and the rest of class.

Justin, Phlebotomy Student
Horizon Medical Institute
509-534-1027 fax